Adult Coloring: why has this become the new trend?

It seems everywhere you go nowadays, you can spot a variety of adult coloring books. Adult coloring books are mainly pages of shapes or pictures that you can color in and be creative with. There is the traditional coloring books, with shapes and a variety of themes and names: nature, animals, zen, peaceful patterns, color tangle, zen tangle, etc. If you are looking for more specific coloring pages, people have created entire books on celebrities, politicians (get out your orange pencil crayon for the Donald Trump one), places in the city, iconic features around the world, and so on. They are reported to relieve stress, calm the mind, inspire you, tap into your creativity, and bring peace.

Why is this the new trend? Are you trying it or taking a pass?

In a society where, everything is non-stop, glued to technology 24/7, connected but not really connected and rushing from one ‘have to’ to the next, who has time or wants to sit and color.?

These were my thoughts when I first noticed the books in chapters, and than began to spot them everywhere. With a small smile and a shake of my head I dismissed the coloring books and moved on to more ‘adult’ interests.

Yet, something kept pulling me back towards them. Curiosity? The promise of finding peace and zen in a busy world?

So, I tried out a couple pages and than a couple more and…well I’m here to admit that it does create peace and zen. Your mind and time gets lost and you just zone out. Don’t we all need to shut off the clutter in our minds and just be? I have since taken art therapy courses, zen tangle workshops and even bought an adult coloring magazine (yes, you can subscribe to a magazine that discusses how to color and doddle). Through exploring the different creative avenues for adults, I am beginning to remember what it is like to be a kid again and just sit and color or draw, just because you want to.

At night when my mind is racing over the events of the day or having a hard time settling down to sleep, I reach for my coloring book or zen tangles and with or without the tv on, settle in to a mindless peaceful moment of getting lost by being creative and tapping into my inner child.

Haven’t tried adult coloring books?, I suggest taking the time to color away. As for someone who doesn’t usually follow trends, this one does seem to bring peace into my chaotic world, (even with the tv on).

What do you think about adult coloring? A try or pass? Why is it so popular?


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