Celebrate you

How many of us wake up each morning and immediately start running through the giant ‘have toos’ in our lives. Planning out our day, thinking 5, 10, 20 steps ahead. Thinking of what to make for dinner before our first cup of coffee.

It is great to plan, prepare and organize your day to complete tasks or goals you have set out to accomplish. Yet how many of us actually stop to take the time to be proud of each goal, big or small, that we have achieved throughout our busy day? Rarely do we hear good job from our boss, or way to go with making dinner and doing chores. So why not say it to yourself?

Lately I have been studying and practising mindfulness. Being present in the moment and trying to be more conscience of what I am doing while I am doing it rather than planning 5 steps ahead. I’m finding I am enjoying moments more and having more authentic time with friends and loved ones since I am more present in the moment.

I decided to take this idea even further and work on positive thinking and self-care. When I complete tasks, grocery shopping, attending a meeting, doing the dishes, baking, taking out the garbage, exercising, etc. I congratulate myself for completing the task. I know sounds silly, congratulate yourself for doing chores? Sure why not? Why not celebrate you and all of the hard work you do every day. The fact is you don’t have to do any of those chores. You choice to so your place is clean, you have food in your fridge and dinner made, but you don’t ‘have to’ do any of those things. You choose to. So why not chose to stop for a moment and chose to congratulate yourself for doing those tasks. Well done, way to go, look what you have accomplished.

Turn the ‘have tos’ into choices and be proud of what you have accomplished. Celebrate you. Give yourself a pat on the back. Positive thinking and being kind to yourself can affect your life in so many positive ways.

So way to go for reading this, accomplishing your goals for the day, big or small. You rock.


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