‘How would you feel after accomplishing your goal?’

I have spent many months dreaming, researching, discussing and writing ideas on scraps of paper for this website. Yet…despite the advice and research I always found the most difficult part was to just start. I got caught up in the name, the time commitment, what I wanted, how I could help others, would it work, etc, etc. Essentially I was getting caught up in the reasons why I shouldn’t rather than why I should.

I once has someone ask me “how would you feel after you do it” (change ‘it’ to anything,, exercising, starting a new course/job, first date, anything). Hmmm how would I fee after? After? I hadn’t even moved past the post it stage yet, who knew about after. Yet such a simple question had me thinking.

When faced with a new challenge why do we get so caught up on the ‘what ifs’?, or how to make sure its perfect before even trying? Sometimes, its the fear of failure, of wanting something to be perfect, worrying how others will view your accomplishment. Part of this journey for me was taking a great idea I have in my head and than turning it into reality. Dreaming about something is a lot less scary than starting your dream and crossing fingers it comes true.

So here I am writing my first entry, is it perfect? No. Yet at the end, how do I feel, pretty good that I have started my journey and hope to inspire others along the way.

My goal is to empower people to realize that they are stronger, smarter, so much more capable than they think they are. If you have a dream, big or small, go for it. If you want change something in your life, go it. Scary? Defiantly. I’ll be here to help motivate, brainstorm, encourage, share knowledge, listen and watch you make your dream come true and than at the end ask “how do you feel”  I’m sure we will both be smiling.

Day to day life is a rollercoaster ride, sometimes is great to have someone along with you you, to hold your hand or empower you to get on the rollercoaster in the first place.





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