Trying something new

Recently I have been going through my own personal challenges in life. Health, family, friends, work, where do I fit in the world, what do I want. All of the life questions and examinations that usually pop up around the new year.

New years resolution? How many of you were asked, ‘What is your new years resolution?’. What a way to start a new year. Already placing a should or have to on yourself. This year I decided not to set a specific goal for the new year. You know the usual ones, lose weight, get a better job, find true love, exercise more, etc. Instead I decided to think of a word for the year. A word that would inspire me to make small changes to be authentically me. Courage is a good word for me (so are many others). Courage to seek new opportunities, to say no, to practise self-care, to try new things. Courage to believe in myself that I can and am able to make positive changes in my life.

So I decided to start just seeing what was out there. Joined Meetup groups, liked some, others not so much. Started learning new languages, not very good at it but free website s why not. Enrolled in online courses in holistic areas, such as reiki, tai chi, cognitive behaviour, nutristionalist coach, meditational instructor, mentoring, yoga, hypnotherapy and so on. (I always look for deals so I can try new things without breaking the bank). Some I have loved and continue to develop my skills in those areas, others are just not for me. All of the things I have tried and am still learning are perfect for me, not because I will be an expert at all of them but because they are another ‘tool’ in my tool belt and a way to discover what it is I want.

So try new things, you never know where they may lead or who you may meet. Heard about something interesting and always thought ‘wow I would like to try that, but if only I had the time or money or…’ Just try a free class, or find a free website or deal and see where it takes you. Don’t get caught up in the ‘I would like to but…’ Just start where you are and see how it goes.

What is your word for the year?


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