Self-Care or Selfish

In our day to day lives we are often pulled in many directions and find our days filled with giving and doing for others. So by the end of the day we are worn out, forgotten to eat, forgotten to breathe, and exhausted. Yet, we keep going on, completing our things to do list or planning for all the ‘have tos’  of tomorrow. What if we just stopped? Turned of our phone, said no, closed the door and just had some ‘me’ time. All of us have dreamed of this, just saying no (without the guilt) and choosing to do something for yourself, just because you want to. Yet of us keep going on, doing more and more at work and at home, until we are too tired mentally and physically to really enjoy the moments in the day or the ones around us.

What would happen if you just said no I need some me time and actually took the time. Whether 20mins, an hour, a day, for however long, to read, nap, dance, do something, noting, just breathe. Could you do it? Stop everything for awhile and focus on yourself?Without the guilt in your head and from others?

I believe we can and 100% should, daily, often and without guilt (am still working on the last one). By taking time for ourselves, we are able to recharge, practise self-care, find a moment of peace allowing our body and mind to relax. We all know how we feel when we come back from vacation, what if we took mini vacations to practice mindfulness and self-care?

I was reading about celebrities who will take time to shut their bedroom door and just dance or have long baths or read or whatever makes them happy. We should all be doing this.

After attending meditation classes, visualization workshops, guided meditation, mindfulness courses,, yoga, tai chi,c, I have come to realize that it is not about going out to do something that is important but rather taking the time to practie self-care. So, each night I turn off the phone, computer, kick back with some tea and read for an hour. Yep nothing fancy or pricy, just me time. As I settle into the couch with the pillow just right, I finally take that deep breath I have needed all day, smile and relax.

What about chores? or people calling or needing things or….all of those things will still be there, trust me all of the ‘have tos’ will still be there, the phone and text messages will still be there after your ‘me time’. Just because someone choses to call you doesn’t mean you have to respond right away, they chose to call you when it worked for them, so you do the same.

Carving out time for yourself is vital in this world, find it wherever you can to settle your mind, breathe and just be. Trust me, practising self-care is not being selfish it is actually very beneficial to you and to everyone around you. Take care of you, takes care of those around you.

So, try it out, take some ‘me time’, it will wonders for you, as for the guilt part, don’t ‘should’ on yourself. Things can wait, people can wait, you are important. Self-care is not being selfish.

Enjoy your ‘me time’. Tell me some of the ways you practise self-care.



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