What we can learn from Kid’s Competitons

After watching Chopped Kids additions on the Food Network, I sat there with a smile on my face. These brave kids have so much positivity about themselves and for each other. Instead of bringing each other down, as you would see in adult competitions, they offer encouragement and kind words to each other. They are truly grateful to be there. It is refreshing to see children compete in these setting where they are not against one another rather there to gain and demonstrate their experience.

Where does it all change? Why as adults do we often feel the need to bring down others in order to build ourselves up?

So many realities shows primarily feature the adults verbally and physically attacking each other while gossiping behind their backs. I am guilty of watching these shows as well and do understand editing behind the scenes to portray individuals in a certain light, perhaps even encourage them to create drama.

This form of ‘reality’ television has become the norm. Even today’s politics are more of an episode of Housewives than actual political debates on the issues.

We can and should learn from children, not just in this context but in other aspects of our lives. Focus on positivity, building each other up and simply being grateful for the experience we have been given.

Yes, this post simplifies the dynamics and underlying factors in todays society. However, without examining and going into depth about different shows, people, adult vs children. I look at the message of inspiration. I find myself smiling more when watching kid’s competitions, why because they are adorable and when they say ‘its just an honor to be here’ they mean it. It is good to be reminded that it’s the journey not the destination and you don’t have to bring others down to raise yourself up.



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