Easter Sunday Mass: What I learned: to listen to others with an open mind and heart.

I have been raised a catholic. Attended church, catholic elementary and high school and have been going back to church for the past year or so with my Mom every Sunday. I go to spend time with my Mom, reflect on my week, hear a message of living a kinder life, and count my blessings for others in my life. I do this at home too, yet I really enjoy the community aspect of going to church as well.

I am a firm believer that people are free to believe what they wish too. Practise their faith in their own way. For me I know people who go to church 3 times a week yet are horrible people to be around and I know people who are more spiritual and are the nicest people. If you are nice to me I will be nice to you, regardless of faith, religion or background. I honor the universe, nature, God and spiritual guidance.

So at mass, Easter Sunday Mass which is one of the most holiest times in the Catholic Church, I was very inspired and moved by the priest’s homely.

I was always taught that you were not to question and to have blind faith. Yet I struggle as many do with various aspects of the religion and bible stories recounting events.

While sitting in a packed church at 9:30am, I was surprised when Father Pat began his Easter message. He spoke about watching a t.v. program about a woman who was a pastor turned atheist. Instead of this holy man straight out disregarding her words and turning off the t.v., he sat and listened. Their views are polar opposite yet he had an open mind and heart to listen and learn. He said that the show made him ask himself why he believed what he believed. To question his faith, deepen his faith and understanding.

Question your faith? Ask why do I believe what I believe?

Yes, said Father Pat, ask questions, wherever you are in your faith as questions, seek answers, explore to further understanding.

How inspiring to be told it’s ok to sit in church and not necessarily agree with all aspects of the bible. That what was important was to keep an open mind and heart and continue to learn from others of your faith and who have different views.

In todays society we could really learn from this message. We don’t have to agree with each other, we can agree to disagree as long as we listen to each other with an open mind and than reflect on what we have learned and how it affects us. Very grateful for a priest to stand in front of a large congregation and preach acceptance of others, to be kind to ourselves and to always continue to learn and reflect on our lives.

Why do we believe what we believe? What speaks to you?

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