Knowing self-help skills and apply them are two totally different things

I have read the books, attended classes, workshops, know the catch phrases and the what to do when…yet what do you do when knowing those skills don’t get you out of a funk?

Been in a funk for awhile. What’s a ‘funk’? When you feel like you should be doing something, not enjoying things that you usually enjoy, when there is nothing to ‘fix’ yet you feel misplaced and irritable.

I know what I am ‘suppose’ to do, positive self-talk and all that yet what to do when you are just stuck in a funk?

Why is it always easier to give advice than to apply it to ourselves?

I have meet therapist, counsellor, psychologist who as well know the standard answers yet still struggle with apply them in their lives. I give them answers and they say, ‘I know, I know’. Same thing I do.

Guess what I have realized is, it’s ok to stumble, fall down, have off days, be in a ‘funk’ as long as you don’t stay there. Everyone, I mean everyone has bad days were they just feel down. No one is perfect and you can’t reach for absolute ‘happiness’. There is no, do this and this and this and you will be happy forever.

Letting go, accepting what is, telling yourself that it’s o.k. not to be o.k. are sometimes a route to peace because you’re not fighting against yourself. Have an off day, no need to ‘fix’ anything just don’t stay there the next day.

Always a life long learner….



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