‘Hanger’: real or an excuse for our behaviour?

‘Hanger’ Hunger which leads to anger, irritability.

I totally experience ‘hanger’, am experiencing it now, (thankfully finally home and able to eat).

I don’t even need to look at the clock to know when Hanger strikes. I will begin to get irritated by noises, people breathing, walking to slow, standing to close in line, things taking too long…well you get the picture.

Am trying to recognize that it is ‘hanger’ to scale back my rising frustration over little annoyances, breath and get home to eat.

It does and can affect my day, just as lack of sleep can too. Today I was in a meditation class, calming right? Yet was frustrated by people talking before hand, opening my eyes when someone was breathing loudly or making noises. My irritability grew towards these people.

But like I said I am working on it. Stop, breath, it’s not them, it’s you, don’t waste this time. Practise mindfulness, being present, as much as possible. And than I try to list things I like around me and grateful to be where I am.

Than I get out of there quick, get home, begin to eat, feel my body calm, sugar level rise and the annoyances, which were really nothing fade away.

I know this runs in my family. I have a vivid memory of my brothers and I all experiencing ‘Hanger’ at the same time in a store and my mom saying, ‘ Just chose something, anything to eat’ (as we were fighting with each other, and my brothers were gripped in headlocks).

It wasn’t until recently that the term ‘hanger’ became mainstream and people began to talk about it and say they experience it. Like all things, having an open conversation and sharing with others is vital. However, I hope we do not use ‘hanger’ as an excuse for our rude behaviour towards others. Like myself, I am working on what to do when ‘hanger’ strikes.

Do you experience ‘hanger’? How do you mange it? Have you ever had to apologize for your actions because of it? Has someone used ‘hanger’ as an excuse for their behaviour? Do you think it is a real thing?

Am interested in hearing peoples stories from both sides….’hanger’ a real thing or an excuse for our behaviour?

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