Book Reviews: Pros and Cons


Am an avid book reader. Actually avid reader of anything and anything. Love reading the paper, news, books for fun, informational and yes even trash entertainment (it’s still entertainment). Prefer book form, have a Kobo and may dip my toe into the audio book one day. Am part of a couple book clubs so when a new book is selected I will go online and look it up.

Looking up a book to read what it is about it great. Seeing the reviews can have a mixed reaction for me.


When people summarize the book. I am interested in hearing what they think not reading the coles notes version of the story.

When they give away parts of the book, spoilers. You feel like you don’t even need to read it after that.

When people put up comics or emojis to express their feelings. Funny, interesting yes but not too helpful.

Confusing when something is rated high than trashed.


When someone expresses why they like the book-the writing style, character development, the author

Relate the book to other books for comparison.

Express how the message/meaning in the book touch and moved them.

Who the book is suited for…ie. The Martian while popular more suited, in my opinion for people who are more scientifically inclined, which I am not.

Book tie to the movie or tv show, sometimes helpful. How the book is similar or off the mark.

So being an avid lover of the written word I am starting my own book review. Will make sure I include more pros than cons. A simple background of the book is good but will strive to share my thoughts and reaction to the book and explain why.

Any tips for a new Book Reviewer?


4 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Pros and Cons

  1. I enjoy reading reviews for newer books. Many of the books I read were written by authors now deceased and I feel there’s nothing original to be said about them. When I do read a newer author, I research quite a bit beforehand. I read reviews and look at that author’s works. As an avid reader, finding lesser known books and authors is not common but something I really enjoy. Just being able to recommend new works or new authors is something most readers really appreciate 🙂


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