4 Things to do every day


I was stuck in my same habits, routine, daily life. It got to the point where I found myself having to head back to my place to make sure I had turned off or locked something because I was mindlessly going about my morning. Wasn’t too interested in hobbies or t.v. shows, all seemed the same to me. It was when my morning coffee became ‘just ok’ that I new I needed to change my perspective on things.

Not change in a major way just start seeing and noticing thing around me. Spoke to some people, seems like everyone goes through this once a year, month, week, counting down till Friday….

Four things:

  1. Get up, get dress and move.
  2. Do something good/enjoyable for yourself
  3. Do something good for someone else
  4. Be grateful


1. Get up, get dress and move. For those Monday to Friday going to work or school, you’ve got this. But what about on the weekend? Getting dressed and going for a quick walk or going out coffee or big night really does help change your mind set. I love my pjs first thing I change into when I get home. Notice I wrote when I get home. 🙂

2. Do something good for you. Yep, every day. Be kind to you, practise self-care and do something good for you. Read a book, hot bath, do a hobby you enjoy, etc whatever you like to do just because you enjoy it. I call it me time. ‘Me time’ no phone, nothing, just me a book or newspaper, hot chocolate with green tea (sounds weird mixed together but yummy) and I take an hour for me.

3.  Do something for someone else. This can include a wide variety of things depending on your day and lifestyle. Cooking dinner, helping your children with homework, sitting down for dinner with your family, calling a friend to check in, calling your parents, holding the door for someone, assisting a stranger, making someone smile, giving up your seat on ttc/bus. Anything. Trust me you do this more than you realize, once you start looking for it not only will you notice how you just helped someone out, you’ll notice how you feel about being kind to that person. Win/Win.

4. At the end of a crazy stressful busy day, stop, pause, breath and think of good things that happened throughout the day. For inspiration see list above. But you have so much to be grateful for. The fact that you had the strength to move your body to do the things you wanted and needed to do. The sunrise, sunset. Ate something healthy. Heard from a loved one. Well you get the point, there is always things around you to be grateful for. It helps at the end of a day, a stressed out day and calm chilled day to think of positive things around you and to be grateful for them.

I’m grateful for you reading this and sharing your thoughts 🙂

Oh also, I did 1-3 by 9am one day, called my friend asked if it counted and did that mean I could go back to bed? Yes it counted, nope still stayed at work. Worth a shot….lol




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