Give yourself a pat on the back, heck go on and gives yourself many

Celebrate you!


Yes you. You work hard day to day, riding and navigating the rollercoaster of life. How often throughout your day do you hear ‘well done’ ‘great work’ ‘you’re amazing’? I know for me usually if the boss wants to see me it is to discuss an issue not to simply thank me for doing my job.

What about at home? The cleaning, cooking, chores, grocery shopping, the to do list and much more. Perhaps more thank you at home however are you thanking yourself?

Over the past few months  have begun to appreciate my accomplishments out loud, not in a screaming out the window kind of way but saying to myself, ‘good job’.

Why? Because everything in life is a choice. You chose to clean your place, do the dishes, laundry, buy groceries, cook, etc. You can chose not to as well. It’s true. You will end up with a dirty house, nothing to eat and nothing clean to wear but you can still chose that. However you don’t. You do what you need to do to take care of yourself and others.


Applaud yourself, pat on the back for every good decision you make. Did dishes-pat on the back. Went grocery shopping-pat on the back. Took out garbage-pat on the back. Went to work and survived the day-extra pats on the back.

Seriously, pause for a moment and be proud of every accomplishment you make. Instead of something being a ‘have to’, change your perspective to I chose to and than smile to yourself and even say out loud, ‘go me for taking care of that’

In our busy lives we need to stop, breathe and celebrate every step we take in our day to day lives. Give it a go for a week and see how you feel. Sure you may still hate doing the dishes but you chose to do them so…pat on the back.

Celebrate you!

Side note: I counselled some people on this notion and was very grateful to hear from them a week later, that they were smiling and giving themselves a pat on the back for things they used to just do because they needed to be doing. New perspective can help lighten the load. Happy to see others celebrating themselves.

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