Today I was a cat, cow, pigeon, cobra,puppy and happy baby all in an hour and a half

YOGA: For everyone



Exulted Warrior Pose above.

How could I be all these animals and forms?


I have been studying and practising yoga for years now. Yoga has so many healthy benefits: stretches your muscles, massages your internal organs, blood flow, strengthens your core and body, creates a structure in learning to centre yourself. There are many benefits both mentally and physically attributed to yoga. All ages, background, shape, size and ability should practise yoga. There are many forms, so try out what works for you. I am not a ‘hot yoga’ person but do enjoy flow and hatha.

My dream is one day taking and completing the teacher training course. Have had this dream for so long that a part of me is worrited/fearful that with any dream the reality doesn’t match. Perhaps its time to just get on with it and start it. Try it. Gotta start somewhere right?

Today in yoga class, I admit my new teacher wasn’t doing it for me, instructions were confusing and I was defiantly not thinking positive intention setting thoughts. But I stayed and completed it. Proud of the fact that I went, since today seemed to be a day where I was looking for any excuse to stay cuddled up on the couch.

When we make a choice that benefits us, the hardest step is usually the first one. Remember to celebrate every good decision you make throughout your day.

What I like about yoga is the positive affirmations. The reminder to breath, to thank yourself for being in class, to set a positive intention, and to be reminded that where are you today, body and spirit, might be different from yesterday and that is ok. Accept where you are today, don’t fight it and let it flow.

Great weekly reminder to take time for self-care and to be present. Do what you can, isten to your body, rest when needed. Accept where you are in the present moment, not where you were yesterday or wish to be.

Yes, I go for the exercise, trust me yoga is exercise, take a class and you’ll see. I also go for the daily reminder to accept who I am, celebrate the good decisions I make and the reminder to breath.

Plus where else can you go where you transform into so many animals, warriors, mountains and of course child pose.

If you can’t make it to a class, or are new to yoga, try it outline at home. Its not about being perfect or super flexile its about stretching your body and mind and living in the present moment.

What is your yoga experience?


2 thoughts on “Today I was a cat, cow, pigeon, cobra,puppy and happy baby all in an hour and a half

  1. Hard!! The first yoga class I went to was with all my friends. We were trying all the work out classes in town to see which ones we wanted to do. We knew nothing about yoga and picked the harder yoga class our town had, and no one told us when we got there. Basically nothing they did we could do, it was terrible! Then after the lady who owned the studio was there and told us about what classes we needed to come to to learn the poses and breathing and basically what we were doing… Then it got a little better. But I couldn’t walk for a week! It was way harder then the classes we took at the gym! Now I go to a class at the gym I go to, stretch yoga, with a lot of old people where the harder poses she recommends are usually the easy ones for most regular yoga goers. It’s more my speed though.


    1. Do what works best for you. Start where you are at and build from there. It’s great that you’re trying out new things. Working out and yoga are great together.
      I did a similar thing with skiing, no idea what I was doing ended up on the black diamond hill not knowing how to stop lol atleast I tried right 😉

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