Benefits of doing yoga at home


Can’t make it to the studio? Have never tried yoga before? Busy day and no time to get to your yoga class? Night time and can’t sleep? Try home yoga.

There are many yoga videos online and ones you can buy to use at home. Yoga for beginners, for the morning, for sleeping, different types of yoga, yoga for weight loss and yoga targeted for different aches and pains.

Of course with any workout you have to be careful with what you are doing and how you are doing the poses. Listen to your body. It is just you at home so no need to push yourself.

Today was an at home yoga day. Didn’t feel like getting dressed and going to the studio today but was still feeling restless and decided I needed a dose of yoga. Went onto youtube, rolled out my mat and followed along to an easy yoga session. Tried a new instructor not for me, but that is one of the benefits of doing yoga at home you can try different instructors and styles to see what works for you.

I know people who say I can’t do yoga. I’m not flexible enough. I would feel weird or out of place in a class. To them I say, ‘just try’. Try a free video online, more than once and see how you feel. With anything you try for the first time, you may not like it or think you are good at it but keep trying.

Yoga is done by athletes, boxers, professionals, police officers, everyone and anyone who want to keep fit, stretch their muscles, internal organs and breathe. Great overall body work out.

Granted as with exercise routine done at home, there can be distractions, you may just say, 10 minutes in, forget it. But keep trying and reap the benefits.

Yoga videos online can also be done while you are out. Maybe at the beach or the park, load on up, video, app, whatever devise you have an try it out. I do yoga sometimes in the morning at work before the day starts.

Think yoga is not for you? Give a 20min video a try from the comfort of your home and you’ll be amazed at what you can do and how you feel. You’re body will thank you.


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