Spring Clean Your Life: From materials to personal


Spring is here…finally. Everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning their house, what about your life too?

Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Life:


Cleaning your home on any given day is not a fun look forward to event. Spring cleaning your home can sound and be even more overwhelming. Just looking around your place, where to start, what to do, how to do it and when, could all be questions and thoughts running through your mind.


Start by breathing. Seriously, deep breaths, remind yourself why you are doing this. Time to declutter? Out with the old, in with the new? Make room for something else? Have always been meaning to organize an area. We all have our reasons, think of yours, breathe, remind yourself all the good reasons for spring cleaning.

Start room by room. I don’t know about you but I tend to start in one room, get distracted by something in another room and by the end of the day all I have to show for my hard work is a big pile of stuff. So chose a room, maybe a small one to get you motivated. Again breathe, think of what you want to accomplish in that room. Organize your clothes, the closet? Start in one area and go from there.

Clothes. Time to go shopping in your own wardrobe. Instead of buying new clothes, look through yours first. Go shopping in your closet first. You will be amazed by what you find. While you are there, finding old treasures, begin a donate, toss and keep pile as well.

Clutter. We all have clutter of stuff. Am looking at my work table/dining room table and seeing piles of paper. My ‘storage room’ is full of…well not to sure. But do know that I have boxes of stuff sitting in my bedroom that need to go into the storage room. Problem; storage room is full of…stuff. So, again start somewhere, for me the storage room. Use the thinking of ‘If I haven’t seen it, used it, or know what it is’ for six months than I probably don’t really need it. Again keep, toss, donate piles.

Cleaning. Mop, scrubbing, wiping, dusting, all of that fun stuff. We all do the regular cleaning but what about your stove or fridge? Inside of cabinets, under the bed, in the closet, under the couch and so on. Time for scrubbing out the old to welcome in the new. However, if you know yourself and know that this is an area that is not for you, hire someone. Seriously. Clutter, clothes, sorting, organizing all up to you. Cleaning your stove after 5 years, hire someone once than maintain it yourself after.


We covered physical ways to spring clean, what about personal ways?

Friends/Significant others. Have someone in your life who is toxic but you stay around them because well, they are your friend or loved one. Are they really? Are they adding to your life? You need people who will be there for you, lift you up and generally make things better. If a person is always negative, bringing you down, letting you down than maybe it is time for some spring cleaning there too. Easier said than done but good idea to look at the friends you have and ask yourself, why they are your friends. Tough question, wonder what you will discover.

Work. This is a challenging area as many of us work to live. Pay our bills, buy items we need/want, trips, etc. Still reflect on your job. No one is ever happy 100% of the time at work, that is why we get paid to work, some days are just going to be rough. But do you enjoy/like it most of the time or are you just ‘sleep walking’ through the week till the weekend comes? If you could have any job you wanted, no restrictions what would it be? What is holding you back? Is there anything you can do? Part time courses? Speak to your boss about change of position, work load, training? We spend most of our time at work or thinking about work, how can you make it something you look forward to?

Life. What positive changes can you make to improve your life? Mental, physical, spiritual? Reflect on your life. Is there something you have always wanted to learn or do? What goals do you have? Courses you want to take? Something you want to improve on? Habits to break and new ones to make. Write out a list and go from there.

Change is hard my friend.

Take your time, breathe, reflect, stay positive, give yourself a pat on the back for every small step you take towards improving your life.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I value?’. Remember we become the story we tell ourselves. Spring cleaning your life, takes time but it will be worth it.

Just don’t forget to get outside and treat yourself to some time in the sun, because you deserve it.




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