Tax season time. One really needs an interrupter to understand it all.


Don’t forget to file by April 30 deadline.

(I didn’t make the rules, no need to frown at me :))

Just got home from filing my taxes for 2015. A three hour process which left me signing many forms and feeling like I was in a blender. What in the world just happened?

Had all of my paper work, receipts, forms etc ready to go. Been meaning to go for awhile but well truthfully who really wants to file? So today I made it tax filing day, must get done. Called them and they had no appointments available at HR Block. Yippee off the hook for today. Yet the little voice in my head would not let it go. So got dressed and headed out anyways, prepared to wait if needed. Just wanted to get it done.

As any regular person filing you bring what you think you need and hope it is all the right things and you get a big return and not have to pay anything.

Why does this process every year bring such dread? For me it’s because I am unsure of the entire process, why HR Block is so expensive and how I could have saved for more money. Yes, I know I could do it for free online, think of doing it every year, especially the day when I file, I walk out saying, ‘I am never paying this much again’. But I go back. Why? It’s easier for me to have someone else sort through the paper work and input the information. Just don’t understand why it cost so much, just to entire numbers on a line.

So today, prepared to go, feeling like a responsible adult filing on time. I pulled out all of my paper work, sat down and…I didn’t have my RRSP tax receipt contribution. Crap. Needed to leave HR Block after signing forms and head to the bank. Great more paper work and numbers.

At the bank the first lady printed out the wrong form. Second lady printed out the wrong form. They called over two more people trying to find the form I needed. All of them, except for the first lady who stayed behind trying to talk me into a line of credit or a credit card, disappeared into the back room. To do what, I am not sure, all I know is they did not come back with the form I needed.

So all 5 women tried to find the form. They than informed me that I hadn’t made any contributions. Ummm what, money had been taken out of my account every month. What’s going on? ‘No idea’ they said but they could have someone else come and talk to me. I just need the form and to get back to HR Block. What is going on.

So I followed the 6th lady to the back room, where I am signing more papers, hopefully reinstating my contributions, which doesn’t help me at all for this year and agreeing to other services. When she mentioned the credit card offer, I had to put my hands up in surrender, too much for one day for me, no thanks.

Left the bank, back to the original task of filing. Showed the woman all of the documents the bank mistakenly gave to me, and she said that they were not the right ones. So no discount or refund added for RRSP. Great. In the end, small return, large expense to have taxes filed, and much confusion about the bank. And of course all of those paper they have you sign, them calmly pointing to the place to sign, with my head spinning going wait a second what is this for?

3 hours. 3 hours the process took. Happy taxes are filed yet feel like I went through the eye of the storm. Why can’t it be made simpler. Maybe there is a coles note version or taxes for dummies I need to read.

Does anyone else feel like this at tax time? You are trying to be responsible and do the right thing and on time, yet the whole process feels like you are somehow getting played and you don’t know how or why.

With everyone trying to sell me something, convince me of something, get me to sign something, I surrender. I probably could have saved more money but have no idea how. Does it have to be so complicated? Maybe its just me. Really need an interrupter around next time to guide me on making decisions and navigating the system. Have to know your strengths, mine is defiantly not numbers and forms.

What is the process like for you? How did you find the courage to do them self?

Hands up, I surrender. Goodbye tax filing season stress for the year. Next year, I’ll do better (said that before too). Also have to look over all of the paper work I signed, wonder if I promised them my first born? lol. See can sort of find humor in anything. Well, a good book and calming tea at the moment helps too.

Don’t forget to file.


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