Improve your Memory:Tip of the week


Improve your memory and improve Task Management skills

We have all been there, our brains are running around like a hamster on a wheel, thinking of ten things to do at once. During the day the tasks pile up, you know that you have worked hard all day, yet your to do list is not completed and you are not sure exactly what you have done.

Just this morning, I had finished my coffee, had some extra time so decide to start the kettle to make some tea, realized while waiting for the tea to boil, I could do the dishes. Started doing the dishes, when I remembered that I had some veggies in the fridge that needed to be used. So took those out, began chopping them, turned to fill up the pot to steam the veggies, realized the dishes weren’t done. Got veggies in pot and steaming, started doing dishes (by now kettle has been boiled for a long time), while thinking about my day and…sliced my thumb on the carrot peeler. Go to bathroom clean the cut, press an alcohol swab against it and than look down. See that my sink and toilet could use a scrub. With one hand I begin to clean, while my index finger is holding the alcohol swab against my thumb. Reach for a band aid and you guessed it….saw that my cabinet was messy, start to throw out and clean the cabinet. Finally made it back to the kitchen was about to resume dishes and everything when I stopped in my tracks and said out loud, ‘stop. wait. what are you doing now?’

Right the tea. Cold by now lol.

I have heard similar stories from  many times and have experienced it myself over and over.

New skill that I am practising is to be mindful of when I get distracted by the first task. Helping me to remember and complete the first task before moving onto the next one. Which will than improve my task management skills as I will be completing a task, stay mindful and increase my self-confidence because, pat on the back, I stayed focussed and got the job done.

Task Management Steps:





These four steps help you to stay on task, stay in the present and accomplish your goals.


Before beginning a new task, ie. cleaning the bathroom. Stop, breath and think about what you are doing. Use a catch phrase to bring you to the present. Could be, ‘Stop. Focus. First thing First’. What ever works for you. Saying it out loud helps you to just focus on what you are saying.


Ask yourself, ‘What am I doing?’ What was your original purpose/task? You were going to write an email to someone, but got distracted by another email which lead you to a website and so on. STOP. CLARIFY. ‘What am I doing?’ Right, I am sending an important email.


First thing first. Complete the first task before you move onto another. Afraid you may forget the great idea that just popped into your head, write it down, say out loud, I will do that later or after I do….. By doing one thing at a time, you remain focussed, present and are setting yourself up for success.


Suddenly find yourself with a bleeding thumb, water running in the kitchen and you are cleaning your sink. STOP. CLARIFY. SIMPLIFY. MONITOR.

Monitor is when you check in. Stop, breath, are you still on task? Did you get distracted and forget what you originally meant to do? That’s o.k., just stop, ask yourself what you are doing (out loud helps) and begin again.

These steps  are repeated throughout our busy day. As distractions are every where and there is always things to complete. So when you find yourself, spinning, off task, don’t remember why you are in the bathroom with the items scattered around you, try using the 4 steps to bring you back to the present.

Try it out.

Remember to set yourself up for success. So maybe try at home first. When getting up to grab something from another room, something else catches your eye and you begin to move towards it….

STOP. CLARIFY. SIMPLIFY.MONITOR.     Complete first task first.

Hope this helps add to your daily life in a positive way. As I found out this morning, it is defiantly an ongoing skill to practise daily. So be kind to yourself and practise.

Let me know how you do after trying it for a week. Does it work for you? Help bring some calmness, task management increased and raise your self-esteem as you complete your goals? I hope so. ♥



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