Book Review: The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn


The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn (audio version)


This book was first mentioned to me by my book club as an upcoming monthly read. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read the book or attend the book club meet up. However, being curious by nature I still wanted to read the book everyone was talking about. Since this book is short and I found it online as an audio version I figured, perfect I can do what I need to at home, try an audio book for the first time and finally read (well listen to the book club book).

Thankfully, I was at home alone when I started the audio version (only over an hour long). I say thankfully because the first sentence is about giving Hand Jobs. And the entire chapter is about her describing hand jobs, why she is so good at her job but unfortunately as with any jobs there are risks, such as developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

Wait. What am I listening to?

The description of the book is that it is a ghost story, suspense, who done it, kind of novel well, short story. So was taken a little bit aback by the beginning but continued on.

The main character is very matter of fact about her job, how she judges everyone, has contempt for most people and is always looking for ways to con others. She sounds like she is very proud of this fact. Puts down her clients, brags about how she is the best at giving hand jobs, but due to the carpel tunnel, she had to become a fake physic. Poor woman.

Hard to like this character and feel anything but disgust for her.

The upside to her is that she does want to improve her life but for more of an altruistic reason, which is to become the book loving nerd she visions herself as and to be able to attend high class parties where she can say when asked what she does for a living that she is an entrepreneur.

The ghost story finally comes, as she is describing in detail how she is juggling giving hand job and conning people with her ‘physic abilities’.When a woman desperate for help with her weird teenage stepson and a younger child comes in to see her for a ‘reading’.

The book begins to get interesting, a haunted house, a creepy step son, an old historical article about a murder at the house. Is the step son really a vicious killer? Is the house actually haunted? Is the woman and the young son in danger?

Not to give away the ending by answering the questions above. I will say that the book does have some redeeming qualities. It does make the reader wonder who is the manipulator and who is being manipulated. Who is the real villain and what is their motive. The reader is left questioning who to believe by the end of the story.

Defiantly not a ghost story as one woman in my book club worried about it being. She can rest assured there is nothing scary about this novel. Rather you are left at the end, wondering who to believe, and what in the world was the point of this book and mostly thank goodness it was a short story.

If you get a chance to read The Grown Up or listen to it on YouTube, let me know what you think about the ending. Who do you believe? What do you think is actually going on?

Definatly a one time, never to listen to again story for me. Very disturbing character and not to sure what the point of the story was. Hoping you guys can shed some light on your views of the story.

Look forward to reading your thoughts.

Happy Reading  ♥


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