Mindful Moment



Stop, pause, use your intuition

before making a decision.


Often when someone asks us to do something, or make plans, or even to sign up for something we feel this urgency to say yes or no right away.

Instead this week practise, stopping, pausing and thinking about it before you commit. This helps to take the stress and urgency out of the decision making and will give you time to decide if this is what is best for you.

Before making a decision:

*Tune into your inner voice, your intuition.

*Write it down. This will help you to clarify what is being asked of you. Can you reasonably commit? Should you be signing those papers? Buying that item? Pros and Cons.

*Don’t feel pressured into making a decision. It is perfectly ok, yes even with family and your work, to say I’ll get back to you, let me think about it, let me check the calendar. What ever you need to say to allow yourself some time even five minutes or a day to make the best decision for you.

*Say the request out loud. Saying it out loud, helps you to be more present and hear what is being asked before you agree.

*Big request. Try asking yourself before bed and sorting it out in your subconscious.

*Ask others. This is seeking advice not having them make the decision for you. Usually when we ask for advice we already intrinsically know the answer.

*Listen and pay attention to you body. Your body will give you clues. Does it feel right? You may agree to do something out of your comfort zone and will be nervous about it, but I intrinsically it will feel right, trust your gut.

Remember it is ok to take your time before making small and large decisions. In fact once you start using this method of stopping and pausing before committing, you will find that your stress level will be lower as you have not overcommitted yourself and you will fee more in control because you have made the final decision not had it forced on you.

I have been using this method more intentionally lately and it has helped to ground me to the present, not overwhelm myself and give myself time to make the best decision for me. Less stress is always best.

Be in the moment. Be mindful of your body, heart and soul. You know what is best for you.

Practise this technique and let me know how it goes.

Mindful Moment ∞


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