Friday Feedback: Dear Eve



Dear Eve,

Lately I have been trying to improve myself and have signed up for different courses. One of the courses I am in I am finding the content and the homework to be overwhelming. Each week I am becoming more overwhelmed and anxious about going. I have anxiety and ADD so it is hard to pay attention and to do some of the work.

I want to drop out of the course. But I also know I should be taking the course since it is helping me.

From Struggling.

Dear Struggling,

First, good for you for signing up for courses to improve your life. You didn’t mention  which courses you are taking but anything to improve mind, body and soul is very important, so pat yourself on the back for that.

Trying something new can always be scary and challenging. Especially when you put expectations on yourself, that you ‘should’ be understanding the course like everyone else. Or you ‘should’ be benefiting from the course. When trying something new, remember it is your own journey and experience. Try not to compare yourself to others, rather focus on what you are getting out of the course. This should also help with your anxiety.

With anxiety, if it is really severe please see a doctor. Some strategies to use when anxiety is high is to remind yourself that you are ok, you are doing what is right for you. Ask for help from others. Can you speak privately to the instructor? Ask one of your classmates for help with the homework? Try focusing on the positive aspects, what do you like about the course? What have you learned? Why did you sign up for it in the first place? Stop, breath and pause when feeling anxious. You are in control and probably learning much more than you think you are. Be kind to you.

As for dropping out of the course, which is what you are struggling with now. I find when I am at this point to ask myself a very important question:

How will I feel at the end of it?

Meaning how will I feel once I complete the course? How will I feel if I drop out? What are my options? How important is this to you?

Listen to your instincts and let them guide you, seek help when needed and remind yourself that you are there to learn what you can, not compare yourself to others. Because who knows, they may be feeling the same way you are. It is what you get out of something that is important.

Hope this helps,

Eve ♥

Stop, breathe and celebrate you because you matter.

Write to Dear Eve if you have any questions.

*Disclaimer not to be used as medical advice. Please seek medical help when needed.


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