‘It doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matter how you look’



‘It doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look’


In today’s society this seems to be the message we are sending to girls, boys, men and woman. Yes it is more prevalent with girls and woman as the main stream media focusses on them when selling and promoting items. Body image, color, size, shape, race, tall, short, what you are wearing is all judged, commented on and critiqued. Often by people who are removed from the person they are dissecting. Shows are dedicated to critiquing someone’s clothes and body image. Comments are made on Twitter, facebook, blogs, everywhere by everyone, even politicians about how someone looks, with times comparing their looks to how well they can do their job or function in society.

And in such contrasting ways too. You are too fat, too skinny, privilege wealthy people should be wearing more affordable clothes, other people are not wearing the right designer or did not dress up correctly for the occasion.

There has begun a major movement about body image. ‘Fat shaming, body shaming and the campaign of, ‘Ask her more’.

Plus size woman are being featured in Sports Illustrated and this is highly talked about and discussed. Models are being put down for being to skinny and sending the wrong message. Billboards saying, ‘Are you ready for summer’ featuring tiny models in bikinis are raged against in the comment section as sending the wrong message.

What is the right message?

In a society with Instagram, where people, even our Prime Minister takes selfies, countries having to ban selfies due to deaths (look it up, people actually dying because they are trying to take a picture of themselves).

Have we gone too far?

I wonder if we have gone too far in both directions. Body shaming the skinny and the ‘plus size’. Ask her more campaign on a red carpet when it is about the clothes, since it is a brief moment of look at how pretty I am and what I am wearing, it is not a sit down interview. There is a time and a place for everything.

Should ‘plus size models’ be applauded? Should skinny models be looked up to? I say no to both. Healthy should be the goal. How the person feels should be the goal. If you are overweight or super skinny, the question should be are you healthy, how do you feel, not how do you look.

We all need to take a step back from both directions. It is great that the conversation is taking place and more variety of body types and people are being featured, however one needs not to focus on how they look but rather how they feel. Are they healthy and happy?


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