Writing for the Health of it: Poety


Assignment #4: Poem ‘I AM’

Use the blueprint of the poem, I AM to fill in the blanks using the prompts. Feel free to modify the format or change it. Allow the poet in you to emerge. By writing this poem, you will create a self-portrait. The highlighted words are the words we were given as the ‘blueprint’ of the poem.


I am an enigma filled with curiosity and emphathy for life.

I wonder if there is a set path in life or if life is random.

I hear the wishes, hopes, fears carried on the wind.

I see the land beyond the rainbow, where people are in harmony.

I want to discover how to connect, reach and empower others.

I am Alice down the rabbit hole search my way out.


I pretend to be ok and to know the answers and direction of my life.

I feel the guiding touch of the universe and loved ones.

I touch the power and energy flowing all around us in nature and in life.

I worry what life will bring/that I am not enough/that I will be forgotten

I cry about all of the suffering in the world

I am lost


I understand that to be on this journey one must be adaptable, grateful and practise self-love.

I say you are stronger than you think/thank you for today/help me find peace

I dream to find my own personal path and be brave enough tp reach for it.

I try to do my best every day, to help others and have gratitude in my heart

I hope to make a positive impact

I am me





My Second Poem (using the same format) 


I am talented and curious

I wonder about the direction of my life; who am I?

I hear whispers of the angels guiding me

I see the beauty in God’s creation

I want to accomplish my dreams and desires, to experience everything

I am a boat on a rocky sea


I pretend to know the answers

I feel the pull of my soul

I touch the energy flowing around me

I worry that I am not brave enough to take the next step

I cry over all of my worries

I am an enigma


I understand that sometimes you just have to let go and trust

I say stop worrying about everything that could go wrong and think of all that can go right

I dream that everything will work out

I try to be kind to myself and to be perfect

I hope that dreams really do come true

I am me



I am not a poet. I found this assignment to be challenging, yet rewarding in the end (aren’t most things). The feedback I got was great, told I could publish it. Not sure about that but am finding that this writing group is great for the soul and so supportive. Writing is a therapeutic way to purge the mind.

Challenge yourself to write your own poem using this format and share. Can’t wait to read it and love it.

Happy Writing.


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