Mindful Moment

Mindful Moment

The Myth of the Sacred Triangle

by Jeanne Carbonetti from The Zen of Creative Painting


All of nature was called to a conference by the Great One. They were to decide if humankind should remain within the Sacred Cosmos Society. It was Sky, a very good meditator, who spoke first.

“As you know, the question is whether humankind is worth the trouble. On the one hand, humans do some good things, especially in science and sometimes in art. On the other hand, they often forget about the rest of us and our well-being. Since each of us has a special part to play within the great order, we must consider humankind’s purpose. In short, do we really need humans?”

“No”, said Sun, rising aggressively from his end of the table. “We don’t need them at all. We did perfectly well for millions of years before they arrived. I surely have done my part! I’ve never forgotten to usher in each new day and provide the light the rest of you need. If you ask me, it’s not logical to waste time on them”

Sun was known for putting up a good argument, and all were quite impressed.

“I tend to agree with Sun”, said Earth. “Look at what I must put up with. They divide me into little pieces and sell me off to the highest bidder. They crowd and pollute me so, I can hardly breathe at times.” Earth was pretty upset by now. “And what’s more, my name is Earth. Why do they call me ‘dirt’?”

Than Rain spoke. “Let us think about our true purpose. As we each play a unique part in the universe and together balance one another, don’t we alone make the whole? You, Sun, and you, Earth, you have powers of creation, so human beings can’t claim that as their purpose”

“And we help with the creation”, Wind puffed.

“That’s right,” said Rain, “and when need be, Wind and I can destroy as well.”

“Yes,” said Wind, all puffed up again, “so we have the powers of creation and destruction. We can do everything! We don’t need humankind.”

It seemed that humans offered nothing special, and soon a chant rose up, “Humans are good for nothing, good for nothing.”

“Except for one thing”, said a clear voice on the other side of the table. It was Moon, whose strong yet quiet way made the others listen. “You are right, my friends, when you say that we are powerful and always fulfill our purpose in the great scheme. Yes, it is we who hold the secrets of Beauty and Truth. Yet with all of our majesty, we do not have the power of the third secret. Only humans have that power. Only with them is the Triad complete.”

And in a quieter voice Moon said, “They can love.”

And all of nature in quiet wonder at the thought, for they knew Moon was right. And the Great One smiled.


I read this myth today and had a variety of reactions to it at first. After reading it again, I realized the hidden layers within the legend past down. About the power of the world we take for granted every day. The rising of the sun and the setting of the moon. The Earth we walk on, the rain needed and the wind too. I also became mindful of the power of love we as humans can express to each other each day. Lesson is not to take things for granted. Rejoice that the sun has risen, rain for the beautiful earth for new growth, the love from family, friends and strangers.

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