Best herbs and spices to use as anti-oxidents and anti-inflammatories

Herbs and Spices


Many herbs and spices have anti-oxidant properties that help to protect cells from damage. Use herbs in spices when cooking, eat them raw, in food, when juicing, ect. They are very beneficial in many ways for the body. Below I have listed two ways herbs and spices can help improve your health.

 Anti-Oxidant and Herbs and Spices- highest ranking

*Cloves- highest in anti-oxidant properties of all spices


*Lemon Balm- many traditional medicinal uses

*Allspice-appears to combine flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves








*shows potential to lower blood sugar and limiting cancer cell growth

* two types: true cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia. They differ in color and texture.

Cassia is the type found in most stores. This type helps to lower and regulate blood sugar. However, it contains coumarin which can be toxic to the liver and kidneys. So only consume in small doses, about 1 tsp a day.

Ceylon is more rare, can be found in Bulk Barns, specialty stores. Does not contain coumarin, but also does not regulate blood sugar.

Inflammation and Herbs and Spices-high ranking

*chronic inflammation can last for several years and lead to many illnesses

*a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods could interfere with cancer cell development

*top anti-inflammatory herbs and spices include:





-green tea

-fennel, anise, star anise



Preserve fresh herbs by putting in a food processor with olive oil than out into ice cube tray and freeze

Dried or fresh herbs contain the same amount of anti-oxidants

Drink around 3 cups of Green Tea a day to help with inflammation in the body

Fennel seeds can be used after a meal as a digestive aid and as a breath freshener


(Source from Wellspring Nourish Nutritional Programs)


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