Writing for the Health of It

Benefits of Writing


We all know from a young age how important writing and reading is in our lives. In school and at home, we would spend time practising our reading skills, writing assignments and editing our work. All of these skills are beneficial as they create our literacy foundation.

However what about the positive emotional benefits of writing? This week, I learned from myself and others through sharing and reflecting, how much of an impact writing can have on our psychosocial well being.

I am not talking about writing a 5 paragraph essay or even a story with a set plot, characters and dilemma. Or worry about editing, grammar and does it make sense. Rather writing just to write. Free writing, no limits on yourself, just do because you feel like it.

Write because you want to, because you want to share a thought, an idea, a opinion. Just write because through your writing you will be able to delve deeper into who you are.

As someone said this week, ‘writing is a form of meditation’. It can transport us to another time, where just for awhile we submerge ourselves in self-expression. We find our voice. We also discover the universal connection we share with each other.

Challenge yourself to write about a time that made you laugh or cry, a letter to your future or past self, describe an item or photograph that holds meaning to you. Along your journey you will learn about yourself, allow others to see your courage and vulnerability, because writing consist of both being courageous enough to express opinions and vulnerable enough to express yourself.

I am grateful that I have found writing again because it has lead me to finding my voice.

Keep Writing ∞




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