Book Review: The Witness by Sandra Brown


The Witness by Sandra Brown

This book was an impulse buy for me. I was out and about and enjoy reading Sandra Brown novels so figured why not. 427 pages is a very long novel to trudge through on a why not buy.


The book centers around Kendall Deaton, a defense lawyer, who moved to a small town, married and ended up witnessing horrific events that led her to become involved with the FBI and try to stay alive.

Sounds good right? A suspense, who done it, what did she see.

Ya I thought so too. However 100 pages in and I was hoping the book was over. The book switches back and forth between the past and present (why do so many author choose this style of writing?) The transition between the past and present is jarring for the reader as it abruptly changes and there is not much point in delving into the past or the present.

Unfortunately it was hard to like the main character. She is meant to be portrayed as a strong woman who fights for the down and out. Yet she comes across as whinny, needy, clueless and annoying.

I was interested in the Deaton family, what the event was she witness, what was up with her in-laws and new husband, but just barely.

About half way through the book, you learn about ‘the brotherhood’ and the cult like atmosphere of the small town she moved too. Again interesting right?

It could have been yet the author focussed so much of her time on making this half of a steamy romance book than a suspense book. The horrific murders became second place to the pages of steamy romance.

The novel touches on suspense, corruption, battle of conscience but with the unlikeable lead character, the stereotypical backwards hicks living in a small town, and the undeveloped plot it leads the reader wondering am I reading a suspense novel or a romance novel and not in a good way.

The most likeable character is Kendall best friend who brings humor to the story and interest, which is not saying much. Even the ending, don’t worry no spoilers, was a let down. Sure some moments of , ‘wow what just happened’ but they were brief.

Sadly a miss for Sandra Brown with this novel in my opinion.

Defiantly a donate/giveaway book. 2 out of 5 stars.

Happy Reading. ♥



One thought on “Book Review: The Witness by Sandra Brown

  1. Just finished The Witness, I didn’t think it was a bad book per se. I read it on vacation, it was just okay. My first Sandra Brown book and I’m so confused by the ending! I have questions about the final chapter. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but if you could answer my questions, I would totally appreciate it! Thanks!

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