Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Help For You

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, check it see if it is for you. Always great to explore options and recourses available

Following on from yesterdays post for the severely depressed I thought I’d share a quick link with you today for a site that I found that had some very useful information and insights for those struggling to come to terms with their own inner bully.

Literally everyone has their own inner critic but for some of us, that inner critic is quite blatantly a full on bully. From the minute we open our eyes to the last moment before sleep, we are in a constant stream of negative thoughts and self loathing. The worst of it is, that it feels hopelessly never ending, a barrage of abuse coming from within BUT there IS hope and it IS POSSIBLE to change how we feel. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one option – I beg you to consider it if you are someone like me that suffers highs and lows with depression.

Please follow <<THIS LINK>>

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