Children can teach us how to live in the moment

Oh the things we can learn from children


As I was going about my weekend, my mind already on the upcoming week and all of the have to, need to, schedules, appointments and worries clouding my mind, I got an invite to Skype with my niece.

I looked around my place, my anxiety building thinking of all of needed to do today and plan for tomorrow. Too busy worry about tomorrow to take time for today.

Yet, I stopped and paused and thought yes I want to do that. I want to be present and in the moment and connect with my family.

So I figured out Skype and logged in. For anyone who has ever talked to or Skyped with a young child you know that most of it is hard to understand and to follow, yet you find yourself smiling though it all. Why? Because they are just so happy to simply be. To tell you about themselves, their day, sing a song, show off dance moves, do whatever comes into their mind. When was the last time we, as adults, just danced or sang a made up song for someone without reservation or thought of how we may look or what others may think.

Oh the things we can learn from children. How to be present, in the moment, and not be worrying about how we look or what tomorrow will bring.

When do we lose this innocence?. I see it slowly happen as children get older, than as adults we have forgotten, become to self-conscience or too busy to simply be in the moment and laugh, play, sing, dance with abandon.

I remember a friend of mine signing me up for an Improv class. No way was I acting foolish in front of others, I thought in the first class. No way was I ‘pretending’ to be someone else. By the end of the class, a group of adults who all came in with the mind set of ‘I’m an adult I can’t play, I have to be an adult’ were all playing red light, green light and I can admit now, cheating a bit at it too :). I ended up taking more improve classes, why because for one night a week I got to be in the moment, play and laugh with abandon.

My beautiful, amazing, talented niece (I could go on of course as a proud aunt), taught me and reminded me, as I was worrying about tomorrow, how to stop and be present. Dance, sing, be silly like no one is watching.

Oh the things we can learn from children. I think we should all be reminded now and again what life is like when we just live in the moment. Such freedom and beauty when you are connected to the here and now.

Hope everyone gets a chance to laugh, dance, sing or play with abandon this weekend, who cares who is watching or what they are thinking. Do it for you. Be in the moment.



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