Book Review: Summer’s Child by Diane Chamberlain

Summer’s Child by Diane Chamberlain

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This is a light, easy to read book that would make a good beach read.

The plot centers around a newborn baby found on a beach on summer by the main character, Daria Cato. Or at least it is supposed to according to the title and the description on the back cover.

However, the plot mainly revolves Daria’s struggles, Rory Taylor who came back to the cottage town to investigate the events surrounding the abandon baby, Shelly, who is now 22 years old.

A lot of the dialogue throughout the book is a back and forth between should we, shouldn’t we look into the past to uncover the truth and secrets or is the past left in the past?

Throughout the book, I lost interest many times, getting bored with the side stories and filler, fortunately as I was about to close the book, a slight new twist would be introduced to keep you reading.

For most of the novel there is little ‘investigation’ into the mystery of who the abandon baby’s mother is. Rather more focus on Daria’s family, love interests, and other characters lives. Which could have been interesting however when you spend many pages reading about a woman having a crush on a man, and that man dating some else who he likes/doesn’t like, it gets old.

Many truths about various people are revealed throughout, having the characters questions how well they really know the people whom they grew up with and even people in their own family.

The book was 412 pages long, I think it could have been half that length and still cover the plot and perhaps by reducing it the author would have spent more time on who left the baby on the beach. There was a slight twist at the end which was mildly interesting.

This book is misleading, as I have mentioned, as it is not about the mystery of the beach baby but rather about the lives of the summer vacationers. Interesting look at childhood friendships and how people change over the years. What if you ran into someone who you hadn’t seen in 15 years, would your perception of them change?

Overall a beach read. 2.5/5


Happy Reading


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