Mindful Moment

My Month of Daily Gratitude book



It has been a rough month, very rough with many scary health issues, tests, appointment, late night wondering what is wrong, anxiety waiting for results, waiting for doctors, and simply waiting.

So I decided to start a gratitude book, just a simple notebook where each day I write down a couple or many things I am grateful for, big or small.

I keep mine on my coffee table, where I can see it as I am watching tv or doing whatever. I am defiantly a person where out of sight is out of mind. So keep it somewhere you will see it often. Remind yourself, that it is not another have to but rather a want to because who doesn’t want to smile and remember the good times?

When you are down on the ground, sobbing, wondering how you will get back up or make it through, finding the good things that happened throughout the day, does not take away the worry or fear but it does help you to gain perspective that even though you’re scared there are always some good moments. They can be as simple as coffee in the morning, the sunset, a kind word, reading something you like, getting your chores done, hearing from a friend, anything you want that can bring you to the present moment, stop the storytelling cycle in your head of everything that can go wrong.

‘Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on what can go right’

Everyone has the time to write down three words, or more about their day. You can bring the notebook with you and jot down things as they occur or reflect at the end of the day. I like to reflect at the end of the day, when I am most stressed from the day and trying to stop my thoughts from racing. Stop the storytelling of what may happen in the future.

This makes you mindful, appreciative of the simpler things in life and hopefully makes you smile even for a moment.

It started as a month experiment to see if I could boost my emotions, quiet the scary worried thoughts and to remind myself that not everything is bad. That even in tough times we can find something good. Hey you got up and got dressed today, go you! Seriously if that is what you find about a really stressful day write down it totally counts J

Let me know if you start one and how it affects your daily life.

Submit a daily gratitude or write about one and link it back here. Share to inspire others.


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