Herbs and Spices with Promise

Herbs and Spices


Herbs come from the leafy part, spices from the see, fruit, root or bark. 74% of all drugs approved by the FDA within the last decade for cancer are based on natural products.

Evaluating the cancer-fighting properties of herbs and spices

Look for spices that have:

*Nutraceutical content-they target several stages in the life cycle of a cancer cell

*Have Antioxidants content

*Have Anti-inflammatory actions

Herbs and Spices with Promise

In order of strength and major benefits

*Turmeric-can fight against a cancer cell at many stages, active ingredients intensify when combined with black pepper. Turmeric most commonly found in stir fry dishes, added to rice as a spice. However, you can also take turmeric in tea, capsules and can add to hot milk.

Note: avoid if you have bile duct obstruction, gallstones, or stomach ulcers

*Ginger-used in many medicinal ways including managing nausea. Lowers blood sugar, and can be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Note: avoid if you have low blood sugar or are taking insulin

*Garlic-can be mild or hot, flavour diminishes with cooking, after cutting garlic, let it sit for 10 minutes before using because the allicin is released after it is chopped.

Note: avoid if you are taking blood thinner

*Parsley-many medicinal uses, helps to freshen breathe. Can be added to juicing and cooking.

*Chili Peppers-several varieties, hottest concentration found in the pith not in the seeds

*Basil-anti-inflammatory for bug bites, can rub leaves directly onto the bite

*Thyme- strong medicinal uses, maintains flavor when dried

*Oregano-can be found in many dishes

*Mint-many medicinal purposes and used in medical and cosmetics. Cooling, good for your liver, digestion.

*Rosemary-powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory



*Vanilla-seek our pure extract, however both pure and artificial contain vanillin

*Curry and Masala-both are blends of spices and used in cooking

*Mukhwas-an after meal snack to aid digestion



Herbs and Spices are generally good for one year

They are Phytonutrients

Basil, Thyme, Oregano in the Phyto family

Mint, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Vanilla in the Labiate Family


Not to be used in replace of medical advice. Seek further information from your doctor, especially if you are taking medication

(Source Wellspring Nourish Nutritional Programs)

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