Natural Remedies and learning to listen to your body

Listen to your body and be kind to yourself




I have been battling a cold for about a week now and I am not a good patient. I hate feeling sick. I can veg out on the couch when I am well no problem, when I am sick and ‘have’ to rest I hate it.

Usually the moment I start to feel slightly better, my mind is racing with ideas of all of the things I want or have to do. I than, of course, over do it, and back to square one, being forced to rest because my body is still sick.

If I don’t listen to my body and inner voice when I need to, it will eventually just hit me upside the head and make me listen which is what it is doing with this the cold. Felt it coming on, ignored it, dismissed it, and continued to push through. Why do we do this to ourselves? Come into work sick? Go to events sick or not feeling well? Obligation? A mentality of I have to or walk it off or it’s not that bad?

Well from my experience, your health will give you warning signs when you are over doing it. Subtle at first and then a whallop to the head which lands you in bed and off of work.

This has been me all week. Feeling like a bad cold coming on. Ignoring it, trying to cure it, finally resting until ‘oh hey I feel 10% better time to rush around’, landing me back to ‘Dear Lord I feel so sick’.

Today as I write this I am starting to feel better, yesterday was rough, why? I over did it the day before by saying yes to someone when I should have said yes to me. I ended up missing out on an event yesterday to recover and found myself in the drug store desperately loading up on over the counter remedies as I dragged my body around, no fun. Really want to go somewhere Friday so….with lesson learned (am sure to be learned again), I need to pace myself, rest and listen to my body today.

It is ok to rest and take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself when you need to, you will enjoy everything else going on in your life much more because you feel better instead of just ‘o.k’. Stop, breathe and accept where you are in the moment.

Like everyone, I am learning this repeatedly. Take care of my health at the beginning and pace myself, things can wait, my health can not.

So, back to resting, not over doing it, will let my mind get the workout for the day so I can enjoy tomorrow.

You are important, accept where you are at this moment and take time for you.

Wishing you a healthy day

Check out the chart below, I some remedies may work for you, some may not. Veggies are always good either way. Try out different combos to see what you like.

Natural Remedies


(source Natural Health photo) Always follow doctors advice

One thought on “Natural Remedies and learning to listen to your body

  1. Extra tip: The natural remedies title says, Juice Cure. I don’t believe that any one thing is a ‘cure’, they can each benefit you but you need to have a whole balance of health, eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. Juicing has helped me by giving me the benefits found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, but please don’t expect a ‘cure’. Everyone is different, use what works for you, be mindful and take one day, experience at a time


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