Friday Feedback: Dear Eve

Forget Body Mass Index

Dear Eve

I am an avid sports guy, playing, watching, you name it. Have been involved in sports all my life. Baseball, football and basketball are my main passions. If I could I would play all my life.

For now I am benched. Have a bum knee, too many tackles, who knows, docs have tried to mend it with injections and surgery but nothing last. No cartilage left in my knee.

Can barely walk or climb stairs, forget about playing sports, I am benched.

Going in for another MRI to get results. Some soltuons are injections, another temp repair or knee replacement. Docs talking knee replacement, I am saying I am too young for that. Hoping for injection. My head is fighting with it, same with family and friends who are not understanding me not wanting a replacement. I too young for that. Right?

Avid sports player


Dear Avid Sports Player,

First let me say that what you are going through sucks. A lot. Too have a passion, something you love be potentially taken away from you due to an injury is rough. First before making any decisions give yourself time to grieve. A large part of how you identified yourself, sports player, has been changed. A huge part of your life physically and socially has been changed. So yes, grieve. Go through the stages of grieving because it is a loss. Sounds to me like you are at the beginning of the journey in the denial stage, the last two treatments didn’t work but maybe the next one will, maybe… Accepting what is, is extremely hard but once you face it, than decisions, discussions, can occur with a clear mind on what is best for you, your body and the future.

By you writing in, I think you are starting to hear what your family, friends and the doctors are saying, even though you so badly don’t want to. Acceptance of what is. Your knee has no cartlige and needs to be fixed. Either temporay like before or long term with a new replacement. Acceptance.

I can not offer medical advice. For that you will have to have an open honest discussion with your doctors and your support system and weigh the best solution for you.

You mentioned, ‘I’m too young for a knee replacement’. If you take away the preconceived idea of knee replacements being for older people, and look at if it will better your life in the long run. Does age really matter. You are where you are right now, no matter your age.

What is best for you in the long run? Remember there is many great parts that make you who you are, not just being a sports player. Does a knee replacement mean you will never play again? Speak to your doctor about it, you may be surprised.

It’s not fair, it is not your fault and it sucks. Let it hurt than let it be and focus on the now. What is best for you now and in the future? You can’t change what is, only accept and make the best decision for you. Great chance to explore other areas of who you are.

Eve ♥




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