Therapy Unicorns at the Airport

Therapy Unicorns at the Airport


Makes you smile but would it work if you were at an airport? What about work or public transportation?

No not real unicorns, sorry but in an article I read in 24 hours magazine, airports in the States are trying to help passengers who are getting frustrated and angry over the long wait times. Their solution? Clowns, animals, and circus performers to lighten the mood.

Would this approach work for you? Waiting for a flight, you desperately want to get on for work, pleasure, or both and you look at the flight board and see your flight is delayed yet again. You packed, booked your flight, went through security (should have something in place to lighten the mood there too, maybe monkeys J), and arrived the 2 or 3 hours early as required. Now it is hurry up and wait time.

Airports decided to spend time, money, and research to look into this problem and came up with….

clowns, animals and circus performers.

Really? What about addressing the issue of why the flight is delayed? Or what is causing the extra long wait time?

Resources into this problem could have defiantly been used in a more constructive way to find a solution that is not geared towards young children.

What would you come up with?

Don’t think the solution will work but it makes me smile reading it (and shaking me head)



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