Zen in Action

From Zen and the Art of Living a great insight post on the difference between meditation and mindfulness. Thank you

Zen and the Art of Everyday Living

In the last post “Mindfulness – Exactly What the Heck Is It? we arrived at the conclusion that mindfulness is Zen in action. The way we got there is by seeing that it’s in the stillness of meditation that we hone our powers of concentration and awareness, while in mindfulness we take it to the streets and apply that attention and awareness in our daily lives.

But how exactly do we do that? Let’s begin with a comparison of the definitions of meditation and mindfulness:

Meditation and mindfulness defined

At the end of the post, Meditation (The “M” word) we arrived at the following steps or process for meditating:

  1. Paying focused (one-pointed) attention to an object or anchor of attention (the feeling of our breath),
  2. while maintaining a compassionate and non-judgmental, spacious awareness of our thoughts and feelings (the compassionate observer in the field of awareness).
  3. Then, when distracted…

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