Upcoming Meditation Summit…FREE

For everyone and anyone who is interested in checking out, beginning or developing their meditation practice. Also great inspiration, self-affirmation, guiding wisdom and messages from leading authors in various fields.

All online and all free! I did the 30 day Chopak meditation and it was wonderful. Great uplifting inspiration and a reminder to be in the moment.

Here are the details my friends:

We’re excited to share an upcoming online course from our partners at Sounds True that features many of today’s leading teachers. The Meditation Summit will be an exciting event, and it is yours to attend at no charge!

Over the course of 10 days, 30 meditation teachers from diverse traditions will be offering teachings and guided meditations to help you deepen and expand your own practice.

It all starts on Tuesday, June 14, with presentations by Reggie Ray, Tara Brach, and Richard Miller. 

And just for signing up, you’ll receive two free gifts:

  • The Science of Meditation: Past, Present, and Future—An illuminating 11-page article by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, reviewing the evolution of the science of meditation, where we stand now, and exciting directions for future research
  • The Science of Mindfulness—Join Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel J. Siegel, Rick Hanson, Tara Brach, and Kelly McGonigal to explore the transformational power of mindfulness practice

You can also choose to upgrade, at which point you’ll be able to download all session recordings, a wealth of presenter bonuses, and the online course The Meditation Experience: Eight Pathways to Open the Heart and Mind. This online course will give you even more direct experience with the actual practice of meditation.

P.S. This summit will be one of the most impactful of its kind, giving you a firsthand experience of meditation and its many benefits. Here’s that link one more time to register for free.

Happy Friday 🙂


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