Don’t judge too quickly.

Don’t judge too quickly angel-624737_640

Was in the convenience store and the lovely lady working there said to me, ‘how much am I worth?’ I laughed and said, ‘$24.99’. The man in front of me in line, turned an gave me an appalling look, as he opened his mouth to yell at me and defend her, I explained the situation. Moments before I had been speaking to the woman and noticed a price tag stuck on her back, I removed the tag and as she went behind the counter to throw it out she asked me, jokingly how much she was worth.

Another example was when I was in line at the grocery store. Some kids from high school were being loud and obnoxious, typical kid behaviour. The old man behind me said to the cashier, ‘those monkeys should go back to the trees’. The cashier and I stared at each other in shock. Than the man continued and said, ‘ya I saw them walking down the street’. Oh I thought he said trees not street, ok, the cashier and I smiled at each other over our mistake. Than as the man was leaving he said, ‘as I said before they should go back to where they belong in the trees, with the other monkeys’ (the students were black). This time I had heard is racists comment correctly and spoke up telling him that it was not ok to say that about anyone. He left the store. The cashier and I discussed how we had given him the benefit of the doubt the first time.

Both instances, people were willing to defend another which is great in today’s society. However, as with most things, think before you speak. You could be correct or you could have misjudged the situation.

In the news I have seen people getting angry over able bodied people using the handicap parking spots, taking pictures and yelling at them. On the other hand I have seen people get harassed using the handicap parking spot, which they have every right to use even though their disability is not prominent.

Stop, pause, ask questions, before jumping to conclusions. Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you will be the one who needs to apologize.

Have you had or heard of any of these types of situations?


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