Mindful Moment: The sunset reminder

I have been battling a severe cold lately. I have had colds before yet for some reason this one is knocking out not just my physical well being but also my mental well being.

Yesterday I began I new journal, I write in my journal and gratitude book every day (I’ll get into writing later). I normally write through out the day, random thoughts or things I have done, yet I could not put pen to paper yesterday. Something about a brand new journal begged me to write something fresh, uplifting and positive. I really wanted to start off the writing that way, yet I could not.

My horrible cold, infection and medication to treat the infection (which I assure you is worse than the cold must go back to natural remedies) were dragging me down and I began ‘turtling’ within myself, my thoughts spinning from how horrible I felt to how alone I was to how I will never accomplish anything to…. well you get the point a slippery slope. I am sure we have all been there. I was spiraling down the self-pity rabbit hole, doing ‘black and white’ thinking and ‘storytelling’ were you think this person hasn’t called me that means they are not my friend, well than fine I am not speaking to them either….Yes, not fun couple of days.

As I dragged myself off of the couch, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye… a beautiful breath taking sunset. I froze in my tracks to stare. Just simply stare at the colors and marvel in the wonders of nature. It was in this moment when my negative thoughts ceased. I took in the moment as it was for what it was.

untitled (8).png

I was finally able to write in my new journal. Am I magically cured from my cold, no way. However, today was a better day since I was able to watch my self-talk a lot more clearly and remind myself that things aren’t that bad, that I just need to take care of myself right now and put aside wants for another day.

Just a moment, a moment of pausing and taking in the simple pleasures in life can help alter your perspective of the world around you. Not change the world but make it more bearable and peaceful. I am grateful for the reminder.

I hope everyone get the chance to take in the wonders of a sunset.




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