Mindful Moment: No such thing as perfect


We have all heard the saying, ‘practise makes perfect’.

Actually practise makes progress. Even the most successful and talented people still practise every day to progress in their field and continue to improve.

‘Perfect’ does not exist. We often strive to be perfect or tell ourselves, I’ll go for my dream when everything is perfect, I’ll save this for the perfect time, I’m looking for the perfect partner.

If you are waiting for ‘perfect’ you will be waiting for a long time. All we have is who we are in this moment. No one is perfect. Everyone has fears, doubts, insecurities and stumbles in life. Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Dali Lama and more will all tell you that they too have struggled on their life path.

I, myself, often get caught up in ‘perfect’ and am really hard on myself when I do not do things perfectly the first time and will berate myself for making a small mistake. I will want to start pursuing a dream or goal and think I can’t yet because things aren’t perfect. I don’t have the perfect name for my blog or the time isn’t right.

In meditation, I have often heard people say I can’t meditate because my thoughts keep racing. First don’t try to relax as you will just become more tense. Second even if your thoughts wonder 100 times, just bring your focus back to your breath 101 times. In yoga, it is not about perfecting each pose, yet it is about accepting where you body is in that moment. Experienced yogi will tell you that a pose you were able to do one day you may find challenging the next. Which is fine and normal, listen to your body and accept where you are. Enjoy the experience.

What is perfect but an impossible illusion we create, storytelling of if only x y and z were to happen than everything would be perfect and I would be happy forever.

Impossible illusions just stand in your way of living in the moment, appreciating what you have now and being confident that you can do what you set your mind too. Will everything be perfect once you complete x, y and z. No because there is always something, something more to learn, to do, and to experience.

With my experience with coaching others, I often hear I can’t pursue my goal yet, I’m not ready, I won’t be good at it, or what if I fail? I remind them that just starting is a success and often we create roadblocks in our own mind, worrying about the future. They learn and I learn from them that starting and preserving is what is important, not achieving this major perfect end goal because who knows where life will lead you? Maybe your perfect end goal is something else entirely? Believe in yourself.

Practise makes progress. Keep working towards your goals and dreams. You can do it, if you stumble so what, it only matters what you do after you stumble. Do you get back up or tell yourself you can’t because it wasn’t perfect the first time?

Every day, every moment is a learning experience which we can embrace and accept or fight and ignore because it wasn’t what we had planned.

Life’s not perfect, enjoy the ride

How do you see your day?



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