Book Review: Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella


Shopaholic Ties the Knot

by Sophie Kinsella


For anyone who is a fan of Kinsella novels, you know that most of them are fun, light, easy beach reads.

I really enjoy her stand alone novels, such as Can You Keep a Secret. I was never one for the much acclaimed ‘Shopaholic’ series. However, since this one was free and it didn’t focus entirely on shopping and hiding unpaid bills I decided to see if it was as good as the other books I enjoyed so much.

It does not compare to CanYou Keep a Secret, which had me laughing out loud, however it was a fun book, easy plot to follow along and keep you interested.

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The story centers around Becky Bloomwood and her soon to be husband Luke. Throughout the story you meet Luke’s distant and insufferable mother, get a glimpse into a life of a personal shopper and wonder how on earth Becky will be able to decide which wedding to go to. Luke’s mother has planned a wedding at the Plaza, very high brow, expensive, the best of everything, yet Becky knows no one there. Back at home in England, Becky’s mother is planning a backyard wedding, with most of the town contributing in various ways. The neighbour as a wedding planner, a friend doing the catering and relatives all helping out. The problem is…both weddings are on the same day. The bigger problem is…Becky hasn’t told anyone about either wedding and as the date gets closer and closer she must decide which one to cancel and who to disappoint.

Cute, fun book where you shake your head at Becky and want to snap her out of her crazy ideas, much like her best friend does occasionally. In the end of course, everything works out, and everyone is happy.

For those getting married, defiantly do not use this book as a guide haha and word of advice always fill your fiancée in on what is happening with the wedding or in this case weddings.

3/5 stars, would pass along to someone who enjoys the series or is looking for a light fun read.

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