Book Review: Beneath a Rising Moon by Keri Arthur


Beneath a Rising Moon by Keri Arthur

First let me say that this book was given to me and on the front cover there is an endorsement by Kim Harrison whose books I really enjoy.


I haven’t been reading many fantasy/romance novels in a while so I decided it was long over do and picked up a book about Werewolves, magic, solving crimes, and romance.

Overall was an easy read. The novel retold many of the same issues and places throughout, I could just read the dialogue and not miss anything important.

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Neva, the lead female werewolf, enters the scene to find the killer who is murdering young female werewolves and who put her twin sister in the hospital. She is going up against, Duncan Sinclair. Who has a bad reputation, as does his whole family, and has his own agenda.

The magic part comes in sporadically for some of the wolves, being able to communicate telepathically, reading others emotions and using the power of the moon to coerced others or bind others.

After Neva sneaks her way into the Moon Dance party (major four day orgy for werewolves) held at the Sinclair Mansion. She meets and is bond to Duncan Sinclair for the four days of the moon dance. Both hate/love, hate/love each other throughout. Both believe they are on opposite sides. And of course both in the end, work together to find the killer.

There was a lot of graphic sex scenes between Neva and Duncan. A true ‘romance’ novel. While crime fighting, they would have sex, think about sex or in Duncan’s case use the moon to make Neva do sexual things.

What I didn’t like about the novel was how Duncan controlled Neva by tricking her. Tricking her to follow his every command because she promised under the full of the moon to spend the next four days with him. Was this necessary to add to the novel? Neva was naïve and did not fully understand the power of the moon and the magic involved. Towards the end, Duncan once again lies to Neva and uses the moon magic to bind them together forever. Which forces Neva to have to choose between her family and Duncan. Her family has sworn that she will be kicked out of the pack if she stays with him, yet her heart and body wants him. What does she do? Love of family or follow her heart. I won’t give it away.

I did like the strong sister in the novel and how it made me wonder and question if I have the courage to go after what I truly want or do I play it safe?

Overall rating 2.5/5.

Happy Reading ♥


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