There is a crack in everything

Written by ‘My One Life Today’ speaks to all of us when we are at the crossroads in our lives, cling to the past or step into the new unknown that can lead to so much more? I can defiantly relate many times over to this dilemma. How about you?

my one life. today

For a very long time I’ve been carrying around the heavy weight of my past, a story of childhood hurts that I kept telling myself over and over again until it defined me. My dented trust in life’s innate beauty, my need to control and improve whatever and whoever was around me, my lack of playfulness, as it turns out, were once needed ways to ring-fence my vulnerable core from the heavy storms of life. I had become resilient, or at least I thought so.

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One thought on “There is a crack in everything

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m certainly at a place of letting go of the past and coming into what’s so now. It’s a constant process of acceptance, observation, and so much loving (and forgiving!) Blessings your way. ❤


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