Book Review: Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica



Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

I have really enjoyed this author’s work before such as Good Girl. This book was linked to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, 3 out of 5 stars on Indigo and said to be a thriller, page turner of a novel that you couldn’t put down.

I could put it down and wished I hadn’t picked it up.

Looking up on Goodreads I am in the minority with my review of this book, so please read it if you enjoy the author or the other books mentioned above and let me know what you think. Reading reviews, I noticed you either loved it or hated it. To each their own.


This novel consist of two stories: Quinn’s and Alex’s. They occur simultaneously switching back and forth at each chapter.

Quinn is a young woman who works in an office and is living with her roommate, Ester. She doesn’t really enjoy her job and admits to not always being the best roommate, however she enjoys living in the city, is friends with Ben from work and when Ester goes missing she is deeply disturbed and begins her search.

Alex is an intelligent young man, 18 years old, who lives in a small town with his drunk father. He works in a diner after giving up a scholarship to be able to take care of his father, since he is the only one around to do so after his mother left. One day a mysterious woman comes into town. For a small town in the middle of winter this is big news and Alex, out of curiosity and boredom, begins to follow the woman and befriend her.

I summed up the majority of the plot in those two paragraphs above. The author took over 300 pages to do so. Yes, over 300 pages, where she describes in detail every little speck of dust, the shape of each cloud in the sky, the cold in the air. Even three paragrpahs dedicated to getting a glass of water. Three paragraphs.

Throughout the book I kept thinking, ‘what is the point?’

Quinn is self-absorbed woman who goes on and on about how Quinn probably left because she didn’t like her or wanted to replace her. How her friend Ben will never want her. On and on, every single inhale of breathe is written. Only towards the end does she think, hmm maybe it is not all about me, maybe I should be worried that my friend and room mate is missing’. Glimmer of hope for Quinn, but just a glimmer as even at the end she goes back to making everything about her.

Alex has no friends, no life and a horrible home environment. He has opportunities to change but doesn’t. Befriends the new stranger in town, who does weird and illegal things, because he is curious and well has nothing else to do. Alex is smarter than Quinn, and figures things out quicker, however as every step is described in detail, literally there are two chapter about the sound of his footsteps, he in the midst of what could have been a suspenseful moment, thinks of himself. The author of course chooses this time to replay, in excruciating detail Alex’s life.

Defiantly a book you can skim through, as not much dialogue or action happening. I solved the mystery early on and plead with the author to get to the point already.

Oh how I wanted to really like this book that I even prolonged reading it, thinking next time when I come back to it, it will be better, nope, never happened.

2/5 stars don’t recommended, wouldn’t give away, hope to return.

Have you read this book? What do you think?

Happy Reading ♥


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