Mindful Moment: Monday subway part 2

Last week I wrote about and am still talking about the horrible experience with the angry, irate man who called me names because he didn’t like my attitude and the look on my face.

Fast forward to one week later, same time, same place (well maybe different section on the subway) same crazy heat wave kind of day.

I braced myself for the possible altercation and ran through scenarios on how I would handle it… yes not productive but well we all do it. Better prepared right? 🙂

Difference this time? The subway was more packed. More anxious, sweaty bodies desperate to get home after a long Monday.

Yet, this time, I was offered a seat, I declined but said ‘thank you so much for offering’. Another stop, people got off, another person offered me a seat. I saw someone stand up and give up their seat to an elderly person. People were kinder today.

Why the difference?

My take away after reflecting is, don’t judge others based on one person. The guy last week was a jerk, yet I was fearful to get on the subway and than surprised by the kindness I saw today.

Great mindful moment for me on to try to think things are going to go well instead of thinking the worse. And to remember that there are more good people than nasty ones.


Don’t forget to write your on every Monday and link back here. Can’t wait to read and learn from each other.  



3 thoughts on “Mindful Moment: Monday subway part 2

  1. We have a tendency to gravitate toward negative expectations and prepare responses ahead of time to protect ourselves from negative emotions when confrontational issues arise. Finding the good in people and realizing the pain that so many experience on an ongoing basis helps soften our need for aggressive self preservation.
    If one can look into look in a mirror and experience joy and happiness with the reflection the sense of self value and self worth is already possessed. This is a real blessing.

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    1. Very insightful and much needed words of wisdom. Thank you. It is true how we often do negative story telling to protect ourselves but as you point out does it really ‘protect’ us or just bring more harm? Thank you for your insightful and inspiring comment.

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