Book Review: The Widow by Fiona Barton


The Widow by Fiona Barton

A fast paced detective novel based on the disappearance of a young girl named Bella. Was she kidnapped? Was she killed? Sold? Taken into another family to be raised as their own?

As her mother continues for years in the media to campaign to ‘Bring Bella home’, a determined detective who risks his career searches for the missing girl. His investigation leads him in many direction however, influences and pressure from others has the case zeroing in on one man. Is he actually guilty? Or did they focus on him and build a circumstantial case due to pressure to solve and lay blame on someone?

Even years after, Bella went missing, the Detective continues his search with the help and hindrance from Newspaper reporter, Kate and hopefully after all this time the Widow of the primary suspect.


As the plot unfold, the reader is brought back and forth to the beginning of the case to the present. You get to see what the police were thinking in the beginning and the possible holes in their initial investigation.

The widow herself does not play a large role, other than some musing and her home life with her husband. I tried to figure out as I read, is she a victim of a controlling porn addicted husband or is she more aware than she lets on?

A great read for people who enjoy a novel that is a combination of a thriller, detective and intricate relationships between people.

4/5 stars. Recommend to others as a great fast past read. 4 stars as I would not save this novel to reread but really enjoyed reading it.

Happy Reading

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