Happy Canada Day everyone!

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Canada became a country in 1867. We have a Prime Minister, not a President. We are known for hockey, maple syrup, poutine, beavers, snow, eh, and recently in the media thank to Drake Toronto is known not just for our past mayor but also for Raptors, the Toronto sign and being called the ‘6’.




Fireworks display in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings for Canada Day.

Ottawa is Canada’s capital not Toronto. We have provinces and Territories making up our great land. And yes, we have a Governor General and still, kinda, answer to the Queen. Our Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, his father was also Prime Minister of Canada. Justin is known for taking selfies and his looks are commented on world-wide.


Canadian’s are known world-wide as being overly polite, friendly and welcoming.

I am proud to be Canadian.

Add other facts or stereotypes about Canada. I always love being asked if I live in an igloo eh? 😉

Happy Canada Day


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