Mindful Moment



We all have hopes and dreams for the future. Close your eyes and imagine what your perfect job will be. Now think, how will I achieve that?

Everyone is intelligent to image their dreams, to complimplate, day dream, even as far as research your dream but how many of us has the confidence and the ambition to take our dreams from imagining to reality?

Every new beginning looks like an insurmountable mountain to climb. We can all come up with a thousand and one reasons not to do something. Convincing ourselves to not do something is a lot easy than looking yourself in the mirror and saying, yes my heart is pounding, I am afraid I am going to fail but…I’m doing it anyways.

Start small. Break your goal into tasks you can’t say no to. Want to change your career but need to go back to school? Make a list, start with just contacting the schools to see what is available and what is required, maybe you can use your experiences and past education? Everyone can make a phone call right? Than go from there. No time, do one online course. Yes it will take time and effort and energy, but if it is something you want than go for it.

Want to blog more often, increase your media presence, perhaps turn it into a career? Check out free marketing, computer skills, writing, blogging, etc courses online. Such as Alison, Udemy, or even utube. First step just look around and see what is out there and than narrow your focus to an area. Learn what you can, break it into small parts to not get overwhelmed and remember it will take time, be o.k. with that.

Whatever your passion is….what is holding you back? How can you start to take small steps to pursue your passion and lead the life you want?

Remember you CAN do it, don’t give up,

if it is important to you than it is important.


One thought on “Mindful Moment

  1. I have always found that people initially dream of a desired life and leave it on a “back burner” while they follow a course in life that prevents them from ever achieving this dream. We can talk about small action steps, but it is my opinion we must create a different MINDSET before any action steps produce LONG TERM benefits. Good health requires a balance between physical, emotional and mental stability. These same components are necessary to finding AND PURSUING paths that achieve our desired outcomes.


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