Can You Spot The Genuine Diamond?

Reblog from Brilliance Within…great post reminding us to cherish our true friends and to question how good of a friend we are to others.


Jpeg Spot the REAL Diamond

Can you tell which of these diamonds is real or fake? I find it’s the same with people. Sometimes the ‘fake’ person is pretty obvious just like my glitzy bangle and yet sometimes it’s really hard to spot and takes a lot longer for their sparkle to diminish and for us to realise that they are a cubic zirconia or even just glass paste!

Have you ever come across that person who is effusive and talks a lot about offering you help and support “You can count on me when you ever need anything doing”…and yet when you really do need a bit of help they seem to evaporate and disappear into the ether?

Their words weren’t genuine, they weren’t being honest and they never expected you to actually take them up on the offer!! Fake?

I’ve sometimes found that it’s the people who’ve quietly stayed on the periphery…

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