Change – Do you ‘Go with the Flow’ or ‘Swim Against the Tide’?

Reblog from Brillance within, great reminders with inspirational quotes to encourage and empower you to believe in yourself and work towards your goals 🙂 I like the last quote a lot, ‘I can and will. Watch Me’. walk out of your house saying that….awesome


Change – the one thing in life that is certain and inevitable.

How you deal with change and make progress in your life in the words of Tony Robbins is key!

It is impossible to go through life without facing ‘change’ – our bodies change as we age, our environment changes, relationships change, jobs change, Governments change etc. etc. etc. You’d think we would be used to it wouldn’t you? Some changes we expect or we’ve planned it and then some changes come along and simply knock us off our feet!

Often we fear change, we worry about what may happen, we try to stay in our ‘comfy slippers’… As Tony Robbins states: “progress is optional”. We can use the change positively or we can try to fight against it…

I’ve learned that when some change occurs that makes me feel uncomfortable or fearful or stressed, that’s often the time when you look…

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