Book Review: I Let You Go by Clare Mckintosh


I Let You Go by Clare Mckintosh

I was walking back from a beautiful sunny summer day playing at the park with my nephews. My mom was chatting to my sister in law, while my brother and I were catching up. When suddenly the nephews ages, 4 and 6 took off running down the side walk, further and further away from us. My mom said you had better stop them, this is a busy road. My brother turned with a surprised scared look on his face and bellowed after his young boys, ‘boys, stop. You’ve gone to far. Stop, your coming up to a busy intersection….no stop….’

The novel, I Let You Go, is about a woman who was walking her young son home from school when he let go of her hand to race her home. One minute they were laughing and sharing stories of their day, thinking of the afternoon snack to come and the next moment the 5 year old boy goes dashing across in the street, right into on coming traffic. He is struck, crashing into the windshield and body flown to the pavement, with his mother screaming and cradling her dying child.

The driver takes off.

And so the novel begins with the search of the driver. Who are they? Why did they leave? Blame is thrown around as the search contines-the mother should have never let go of his hand. She should have been watching him. What is wrong with that driver? How can you leave without stopping to help? Why aren’t the police doing more to solve this case?


Lives are shattered in an instant. The woman leaves to recreate and/or if possible erase her life and start anew. But can you ever simply disappear from the past?

I Let You go is a thriller that will evoke so many emotions from you, all well delving into each charaters story well they journey through the aftermath of the tradegy.

And just when you think, oh o.k. I know what is happening here, who all of the players are…there is a huge twist. I actually stopped and went wait what? Read back a few pages, than a few more to see if I had the characters wrong. Nope. Great twist, perfectly timed in the story. And the twist takes you on a whole new compelling side of the story.

What will happen to the mother who lost her only child? Will the person who killed and fled the scene be identified and charged? How long can the police continue working on a case? Will the lead detective risk losing his job to pursue this till the end. Or will each character move on and learn to rebuild their lives?

Side note: at first I did not want to read this book as I thought it would be too emotional and sad. The back cover tugs at your heart strings about a boy dying and a mother blaming herself. Thankfully, well emotional it was not heavy on the emotional side, especially with the plot going back and forth between the woman starting over and the investigation. I did not expect to like this book, am so impressed that I do. Don’t want to give to much away as this book is defiantly one to come into cold and just read.

4/5 stars would recommend to others.

This is the authors debut book, have you read it? Were you going to read it but it cam across as being too emotional? Let me know your thoughts J

*My nephews are super smart and awesome and well everything to me, of course they stopped at the edge of the side walk as they knew to do. Also with heart pounding, they did not run far away from us again either. Did this book really open my eyes to how one moment can change everything.

Happy Reading ♥

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